I Need to Change the Name of My F-List Page, I Think

I know I've been a little absent lately. Find me over on facebook--I post more in short bursts than I do in livejournal length posts.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and there was this *thing* on my finger. I'm not entirely sure where it came from. Take a look and let me know!


And the likely culprit:

Regency Assembly This Weekend!

I'm not sure if anyone on my f-list is close enough to attend, but I just wanted to spread the word that the Elegant Arts Society Regency Assembly (which I have been attending for years) will be held this weekend in New Haven, CT.

Saturday is an early 19th century ball with instruction preceding in the morning. No costume required, just elegant dress of some sort.
Sunday is an optional promenade in the park followed by period games and refreshments.

This is an event I look forward to every year. Well worth the trip.

Pre-registration prices are still available through Friday. Please see the website for more details: http://www.elegantarts.org/assembly


This is the second time one of my cousins has been featured in the Washington Post.

Check it out! The article is about my cousin Leah's brand new kitchenware store on Capitol Hill. If you're in the DC area be sure to stop by and say hello.

Hill's Kitchen


I find it a wee bit distressing that my phone company will allow me to make payments of up to 9,999,999.99 cents. Does anyone ever rack up a cell phone bill that high? Seriously?
cathy bonnet

Jane Austen Danced What?!?

My friends (and poor jeoshua especially) all know that I'm somewhat notorious for screaming loudly and threatening to throw things at the screen during the dance scenes of Jane Austen adaptations.

Now, at last, my friend Susan has provided a suscinct explanation of what defines Regency-era dance!

Check it out!

Real Regency Dancers Don't Turn Single: Ten Tips for Judging Authenticity

(Dance enthusiasts will be interested in the entire blog):

Capering & Kickery
good girl

What I'm Up To...

So for the first time since college, I'm taking an art class just for the heck of it. I'm not sure what exactly made me think that I couldn't do this before. Possibly a lack of funds (art classes are expensive!), possibly the fact that I've never considered myself a talented artist (a fact that jeoshua likes to vigorously debate--I usually let him win), possibly just inertia! I did take a bellydance class for about a year awhile back and various other short-term dance classes, but that's it.

So the class I'm taking is metal jewelry class taught by a rather talented Richmond artist, Jay Sharpe. I wasn't familiar with him prior to the class, but some folks were and it was almost like we had a celebrity in our midst. He's really nice and I'm looking forward to the other classes.

We started fairly simply, with wire wrapping, which I've been doing for years, but not with any real finesse. WE made an Egyptian chain, which I CANNOT find a photograph of this technique and I don't have my camera, but maybe I'll post a photo later. It's made by looping together a bunch of curly hook things (like sewing hooks, really) and then smashing them down to make a solid chain without solder. Very cool, although not exacty my aesthetic.

The class is an interesting mix of people. Mostly very serious people! Several of us with businesses already, several more who *hope* to go into business, and then one woman who has a BFA in jewelry making and wants to build a portfolio to apply for an MFA program.

It should be fun. I'm looking forward to being forced outside of my box to try new things and new techniques. Also new materials, since we're working exclusively with copper and brass (for cost reasons) and I'm used to sterling and gold filled wire. I'm also looking forward to playing with solder and saws and hammers, etc. One of the advanced students was soldering something during class and the smell took me right back to childhood. I know I'm going to enjoy it!